Knex Faster Car Idea.





Introduction: Knex Faster Car Idea.

About: My real name is Ryan.

This motor and gear idea will show you guys how to make a faster car. How faster you might ask?, more than two times faster. In this instructible I used a low-class motor found in the starburst spinner set. It is one of the slowest motors.

Step 1: Wheel Rod

This is the wheel rod.

Step 2: Motor and Big Gear

This is the motor and big gear.

Step 3: Adding It All Together

Add it all together.



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    Make the Wheels bigger as well. Here is a car that I made a few years ago with a gearbox to make it faster.

    Kcar 001.jpgKcar 002.jpg
    7 replies

    that is great just great mepain!!!! and just for this and your sniper you get a subscriber!

    mepain i know ur comment is 2 years old but u have to make instructions for that i bet its the faster kenx car ever it also look good i wish i had that car and plz post

    Good idea, but the problem is that this will also reduce the grip on the ground. But it's nothing to worry about as long as the gears are not too big.

    Nice idea. This is in my instructable. (I gave you creadit, so don't worry!)

    I made a fast car without the big yellow gear I used flames1039's theory I did the the yellow(small) the gold twice. good result

    Mepain do still know how to make that car? If you do please post it because it looks sooooooooooo cool

    its just an idea... but mepains actually looks like something. my looks like a piece of crap.

    its easy to make faster gearboxes if you know the ratio between the gears and the order you place them in small, big, small, big, etc... will give you torque big, small, big, small, etc... will give you speed

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    Eh, I don't know what this would do but it seems.. useful, I guess? I have a different motor and gears so I can't test it.