Knex Firehawk-Banshee Transformable Fighter-jet!



About: This part used to be full of crap but I finally deleted all of it. I'm Tigernod. I'm a student from North Brabant. You are all awesome and I love you. <3

Allright guys, this are the instructions of the Firehawk-Banshee starfighter. The model 2319 standard issue Firehawk starfighter V1.2.2 is an incredibly fast (Mach 14) but not so maneuvreble sci-fi starfighter. Armed to the teeth with swarms of small missiles, a rotatable medium  missile turret, 2 medium railguns, 2 small railguns with assisted aiming and a heavy plasma cannon of small size, it can obliterate entire wings of strikecraft from afar, but it's limited manouvrebility makes it vunerable from up close. It also has VTOL capabilities for orbital flight, and it has multiple underwing rails for mounting attachments, such as bombs, long range missiles, railgun turrets, and extra fuel.

But what makes this Starfighter so special is that it is able to transform from a long range fighter-bomber to a close range interceptor.

The Banshee is the most manouvreble starfighter in the universe, though it is not capable of orbital flights and can only reach speeds of 700 kmph. (430 mph.) It is armed with two heavy railguns, one rotatable plasma cannon (mounted under the cockpit), two small rotatable missile turrets, and... a flame thrower. (By reversing the air intake for the jets, you can have a powerful flamethroewer. Unrealistic? Who cares!) 

The name and looks from the Firehawk were inspired by the GDI Firehawk from Command and Conquer 3. The name and looks of the Banshee were inspired by the Nod Banshee from Command and Conquer 2 and by some alien aircraft from Starfighter:Dispuited Galaxy.

So, tell me what you think! A future update will also include two small block trigger knex guns so it can fire some rods. The instructions of the banshee may be a little less detailed then my instructions of the Firehawk, but if you don't really get it I will help you out. Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment!

Allright, now lets get started!

Step 1: Firehawk

So, this is the firehawk, step by step. Just follow the pictures and ask me if you don't understand. A small warning for people at photo 3: pay attention on how the blue connector is pointed when you put the plates on.

Step 2: Banshee

The instructions for the Banshee are a little less detailed. The pictures were all taken by my dad, and he was getting impatient after the seventh picture so I had to rush. Apologies for the inconvienence.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, great idea! Maybe I'll launch an update soon, with some more bulk onder the wings and frame. However, the difficult part is that the Firehawk must use excactly the same amount of parts as Banshee; or the idea of an transformable starfighter is lost.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Um... Can you put that in other words, lowney? You see, I'm from the other side of the channel, and I'm not well known with enlish grammar.