Knex Fish


Introduction: Knex Fish

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Does this really need an introduction? Well here it is a knex fish. I was bored so yeah I just stumbled across this thing and decided to post it.

Step 1: Build It!!

If you can't build it from one picture what are you doing looking at knex?



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    What will happen if I drop it in a bowl? xD Nice fish :)

    What's the range on this thing?

    My parents say that I have to post more than just guns soooo I hope this makes them happy

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    What? This is a little below what you normally post... it would be better as a forum topic. But it's not a bad little fish. :)

    Dude I'm working on a huge project right now i am waiting on a shipment of knex though

    A little to simple for my tastes but it's nice to see you trying other projects besides guns from KNEX. It is cute fish!