Knex Flimsy Double Bladed Sword

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Intro: Knex Flimsy Double Bladed Sword

Hey guys. This is another instructable on my knex flimsy double bladed sword. NOW GO!!!!

Step 1: Build Shadowpom's Sword Mark 1

Step 2: Modify

Now you will need to modify the sword. LETS GO GO GO!!!!

Just follow the pics

1: seperate blade from handle

2: take 1 blade section off

3: blade section apart

4: make

5: add blade section

6: connect to other side of white connectors as shown in pic


8: repeat with other side (see pic for reference)

Step 3: Finished!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial of my knex flimsy double bladed sword and please follow me for more simplified instructions





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