K'nex Flip Target



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Intro: K'nex Flip Target

When you shoot the big target the little target pops out.You will need,
1 grey rod
4 yellow rods
1 big blue panel
1 small blue panel
3 red or grey connector
2 blue connectors
and 3 white rods

Step 1: The Stand

This is what holds up the target.You'll need,
1 grey rod
2 blue connectors
and 4 yellow rods

Step 2: The Target

This is the part that flips when you shoot it.You will need,
1 big blue panel
1 small blue panel
3 grey or red connectors
3 white rods
and 2 black or white connectors

Step 3: Putting It Together

You'll need,
the stand
and the target

Step 4: YOUR DONE!

Know you shoot it if you want to.



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    No, no. yu don't understand. if a gun has more power, it will push harder. most guns have very high power, which will nearly always topple it.