Knex Foosball




This is a knex foosball table I made. It has 1 goalie per side and fielders per team.

Step 1: The Team

This is your and your opponents team. It has goalies from picture 1-5. The attackers from picture 6-10.
After making keep them aside.

Pic 1: Take These
Pic 2-4: Make This
Pic 5: Take These
Pic 6-10: Make This

Step 2: Base

This is the bottom of your table. It makes the table sturdy. It also adds height.
If you want to make it taller replace the green rods at step  to anything else.

Pic 1: Take These
Pic 2: Make This
Pic 3: Take These
Pic 4: Add here
Pic 5: Take These
Pic 6: Add Here ( Can Make it taller.)

Step 3: The Field

This is what the ball will roll on.

Pic 1-3: Part 1 of the field
Pic 4-6: Part 2 of the field
Pic 7: Connect
Pic 8: It shows 26 green rods but you need 28
Pic 9: Connect the green rods like the pic shows. Only do it all
around the field rather than the portion I showed.
Pic 10-13: Frame. If you can't see pic 11 it is a gray connector with
a blue rod going through it.
Pic 11: Connect
Pic 12: Close up. DO NOT connect gray rod to green connector.

Step 4: Walls

These stop the ball from falling out.

Pic 1-3: Just make it. On pic 3 I didn't have 2 white rods
on the 3d. Add them if you have them.

Step 5: Assembely

Put the previous parts together.

Pic 1-3: Base + Field. Connect down facing 3d to green rods.
Pic 4: Base &Field + Walls. Connect white rods from walls to
3d connector and gray connectors on field.
Pic 5-6: Base & Field & Walls + Players. Put the gray rods through the
hole of the yellow connector as shown.

Step 6: Done!

Well you are finally done. Here is 1 extra.

Pic 1: Use a knex or golf ball. Golf ball works better.
Pic 2: Place ball in center and let the games begin!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    wow it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(3.9)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I built one the night before I looked this up in around 30 minutes, I have a knack for building things fast.