Knex Fragmentary Grenade




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In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a knex fragmentary grenade

Step 1: Pieces

A very simple Instructable only very few pieces 2 elastics 1 knex circle connector 4 white rods or more depending on size of the splash 2 shot gun shells do not use full shot gun shells only use empty ones

Step 2: Building

First load the white rods or whatever you frag in to container aka shot gun shells

Step 3: Building Phase 2

Put the other shotgun shell next to it

Step 4: Phase 3

Now string one of the elastics on the ends of the shot gun shells

Step 5: Phase 4

Almost done, now put the white connector on top of the shell that holds the ammo to hold it down use the other elastic this is used to keep the ammo in the grenade

Step 6: Throwing

To throw make sure the white connector is firmly attached then throw at chosen area

Step 7: That's It

I hope you enjoyed this instuctable and remember to respect each other in the comments and I am not held response able if you hurt anyone with this your actions are your response ability



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    6 Discussions

    pwubax 18

    5 years ago

    It's not a full shell!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Throwing a cartridge wouldn't do anything, unless you threw them into a fire or something like that. You would have to hit the back with a hammer for it to go off.

    pwubax 18

    5 years ago

    Why would I throw full shot gun shell