Knex Full Auto Gun Prototype(UPDATED 8/13)




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I have finished a fully automatic K'nex gun today. It is a prototype and not the best, but it is a good start and i am hoping for it to become an excellent working gun with some modifications. It does have a few flaws in it's design but like i said it is a prototype. My main concern is the fire rate it is so fast the bullets shoot out like a shotgun instead of a true full auto gun. I am sure this can be fixed and i will do my best to get the final version of the gun up as soon as possible. Now to the pros and cons.

  • Full auto
  • Small/Compact
  • Not a terrible amount of pieces
  • 6 round magazine
  • Shoots like a shotgun
  • Prototype

******UPDATED V.2******
Ok i just finished v.2 and thanks to everyone for their ideas and support. In v.2 i have increased the magazine capacity to 15 from 6, even less pieces now, new handle and magazine design. I also learned if you wish to have more power and add more rubber bands you get the (shotgun) effect instead of the full auto.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    HEY GUYS I THINK IK HOW TO MAKE THIS HAVE A RESONABLE RATE OF FIRE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw its just an idea havent tried it Try putting like ok say if u put 10 bands on teh mag pusher the nu should put lie 8 on the red connector maybe that will help idk

    Yea i i think this idea might have to be abandoned because of how it works, if you put a friction mech in this it would kill the range because you getting rid of the energy from the bullet so yea.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's okay. Great minds think alike. This one has a better trigger than mine. Try making the mags removable. I came up with an internally fed mag that could be used with this. Here's a couple pictures;


    7 years ago on Introduction

    6 rounds for a full auto weapon is not a good thing :P However, it's an intriguing start nonetheless! Does this operate in a similar fashion to the pressure system used in some of the semi-autos floating around?

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