Knex Full Auto V6




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Here is my full auto v6

Full auto
Looks cool
Stronger trigger than v5

A little bit flimsy in some spots

Can someone do a review on this please?

NOTE: I had to take the pictures quickly because my dad needed the camera.

Step 1: Barrel

Here is the barrel. Its not as strong at the v5 barrel but it gets the job done.

Step 2: Stock

The stock is what makes the gun a full auto not a shotgun.

Step 3: Bullet Release

This is what lets the elastic bands go.

Step 4: Handle and Trigger

Here is the handle. Just build it.

Step 5: Assembly

Here we assemble the gun.



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    The Knex Inventor

    2 years ago

    Interesting mechanism. How far does it shoot?

    i. for one just have tons of white rods, way too much for my other k'nex parts, and therefore, i have no problem cutting them. i have like 40 cut white rods or so. lol

    You're extremely arrogant and big headed, and think you and your knex creations are better than everyone else.

    no i don't. there are lots of people much better than me and i know so. i think you're better than me for instance. i think you completely misunderstand me. i just like building knex guns and posting them... how is that arrogant?

    well with the licence he got with it they you can AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT. sorry for shouting, just some people don't get that part!

    i know where i went wrong. i put the bands on adjacent slots on the ratchet. you should write that you need to take the ratchet back 2 slots.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hye guys check out myn its, a different mech that can hold more bands and has a slower rate of fire, its easy to make from the video that I made