Knex Fusion Equalizer V2.0




About: Hey everyone, I am back from the "dead" and I got some things I have been working on, see you soon

Hello everyone and welcome back to my awesomness. Today is that day, the day that this gun is finished and published: The Fusion Equalizer Version 2.0. Now, as you can see, a lot has changed, and some things have been added. Let's take a look

Now it has:

- A working charging handle (credit to dr. richtofen)

- new handle

- New stock

- Red Dot Sight

- a Bayonet

- a cheek rest

Now i want to do an experiment with you guys. The experiment goes as follows: Once you built the gun, tell me what your pro's and cons are, and i will place the most told onces on the page.

Also if you have any suggestions for the 3.0 version, let me know ASAP. because i will start building Friday next week. And if you want a parts list, let me know and i will see what i can do.

Cya next time bro's

Step 1: The Stock

Start building you fools. Don't hesitate

Step 2: The Reciever


help will be given when asked

Step 3: The Barrel (with Charging Handle)

Same recipe here

help given when asked

Step 4: Attaching and Rubber Bands

The "final" step.

Step 5: Red Dot and Bayonet??

Let me know guys, should i make instructions on the Red Dot and the Bayonet

just put your opinion in the comments below.



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    7 Discussions

    unfortunatly, it does not shoot, because i stopped with the shooting guns. i hurt my sister really bad by mistake. if you want it to shoot, i would say: Mod ahead


    2 years ago

    looks good but the magsize doesn't look good in such a huge magwell in my opinion, but furthermore a good gun! keep it up!

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    it is the same magwell as last version, and dont judge me on it. I copied it from dr. Richtofen. but i didn't update the page yet. So to be exact, you are judging his work


    Reply 2 years ago

    I didn't judge you at all friend, I mearly gave my opinion about the sizes not quite corronsponding.