Knex Fusion Equalizer

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Hello everyone

Today i started making this amazing gun, so i hope you like it and lets look at the pro's and cons

Read this first before you start

if there is anything unclear in the pictures, just ask for clearance


- comfy stock

- slanted forgrip (credit to the red book of westmarch)

- working magwell with mag release (credit to dr. Richtofen)

- working trigger (also from dr. Richtofen)

- thumbhold stock

- Tactical rail on top and the bottom

- Nerf attachment rail


- It does not shoot

By the way, if you guys like a Powerpoint with the instruction click below

Step 1: Building the Layout

In this step you will be building the layout

Read the image note in the first picture

Step 2: Building the Stock

Just follow the pictures on this one

I will update the pictures with notes if i happen to cross them

Step 3: Building the Handle and Attach It Immediatly

just follow the pictures (again)

updates when needed

Step 4: Building and Attaching the Magwell

Again you must follow the pictures

Updates when needed

Step 5: Building and Attaching the Barrel

follow the pics

Updates when needed

Step 6: Mag and Rubber Bands

Note: the mag is the exact same as the one made by dr. Richtofen. if you want to build it, go to his Scar -L

Follow the pics

Updates when needed

Step 7: Done

This is your fusion equalizer

If you have questions, feel free to ask

I will answer within a week or two (most of the time)



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    2 years ago

    today i started making version 2.0, if you have any suggestions about what i could upgrade about this version, let me know ASAP


    2 years ago

    Epic name and epic gun! Impressive build :)


    2 years ago

    please let me know if you have built it, and please put a picture with it, i want to show people the versions others have made. (if you mod, let me know too)


    2 years ago

    nice gun,
    for the handle being not so comfy:
    the grip it at an angle of 45°, that's never really comfy, try using pistolgrips and try to use them in your thumbholestocks next time

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I will definetly try that next time. and maybe i will update it. i am making a 2.0 version at the moment. I will try to fix it. if you find anything else, just let me know