Knex Gearbox/ Transmission





Introduction: Knex Gearbox/ Transmission

This Knex Gearbox has neutral, slow and fast.
It has a stand and all you have to do to install it into a car is take of the stand and fit it in.

Piece List


7 yellow 5 point connectors
2 grey 2 point connectors
2 white 8 point connectors
2 maroon clips (that fit into cogs, gears and wheels)
1 metallic blue clip (like a maroon but no point thingy)
12 grey clips


4 green rods
6 white rods
2 blue rods
1 yellow rod
2 red rods


2 small gears with holes
2 medium gears
1 motor

Step 1: Parts

These are individual parts which make up the gearbox.
Make one of everything (unless your making more than one :D)

Step 2: Assembly

Just assembling parts

Step 3: Gears

where the gears should be to change gears.



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    2 Discussions

    i have a full knex chassis that i will be posting soon. unfortunately, i only have 2 of the large gears, which are used in the axle. Do you think you could use your transmission in my car, this way the speed is more varied. it is heavy, so the motor cant be too fast, or it will not work, but a tranny would definitley be beneficial.