K'nex Gears of War Torque Bow

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Replica from the first game. Single shot. Good range. A little tough to build. Some of the pictures are missing for this so please ask questions if you are having difficulty. 

Step 1: Bow Arms

1. Build this.
2. Build nine more.
3. Add blue rods like so.
4. Add four more panels.
5. Add green rods.
6. Add this stuff.
7. Build this and add it here.
8. Build this.
9. Build this.
10. Add like so.
11. Build this.
12. Add like so.
13. Top view.
14. Build this.
15. Add like so.
16. Now repeat steps 3-15. Make sure the bow arm is mirrored from the first one and make sure the blue rods are in the right places.

Step 2: Grip and Barrel

1. Build this big junk. (five layers)
2. Add it here.
3. Add this to the bottom arm, sandwiching the three yellow connectors you added in the previous picture.
4. Add this stuff. 
5. Add more stuff to that same area.
6. Add these to the big chunk from the first picture.
7. Make two of these.
8. Connect the two with four yellow connectors as shown.
9. Now add these parts.
10. Build this.11
11. Build this.
12. Build this too.
13. Connect it all like this.
14. Build this.
15. Add a white connector like so.
16. Add this... probably the worst picture I have ever taken in my life.
17. Build this.
18. Add like so.
19. Add this to the back of the barrel.
20. Build this.
21. Add it to the front of the barrel like so.
22. Add these.
23. Add two yellow rods here.
24. Connect the barrel to the grip as shown.
25. Connect the back end of the first big chunk like so.

Step 3: Handle and Trigger

1. Build this. You can swap it with another handle if you so desire.
2. This is the best picture i have of the trigger. Connect the upper bow arm.
3. Add handle here. You can see the trigger some more here.
4. Add trigger band like so.
5. Tie two rubber bands together like so.
6. Add them here. Make sure you tape up the firing pin.

Loading and firing:  Pull back the firing pin until the trigger locks in place. Add desired ammo. I recommend yellow-grey length. You can also use the "explosive" rounds I have pictured.



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    hello im assembling this bow and im haveing a bit of difficulty if you could email me at ftlot5@gmail.com that would be great


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I made this gun....
    Looks 10/10
    Power 8/10
    Range 7/10

    Overall 9/10