K'nex Glock G17




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Is so powerfull and accurate that you can train yourself as you were training with a REAL gun

Slingshot mechanizm

Vat's new:

Better handle
MUCH More power
New trigger system
Does'nt break so easily
And a HELL of a lot more better

Vat's bad:

Slow reload time
Single shot

My longest range, most accurate and most powerful gun

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Handle Type 1

Better looking but fragile

You need 2 lastic bands rolled 3 times 2 keep tge handle from moving

Step 3: Handle Type 2

Less better looking but stronger

Step 4: Mechanizm

Step 5: Loading

Takes a while. but you will be STAGGERED how powerfull this is...

Step 6: Optional Iron Sights

Step 7: Yippie Kay Yay

Leaves holes in paper, makes bruises on people



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    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Cool I have never thought of a sling shot like this maybe try using a "true trigger" next time because that one does not look reliable just saying

    1 reply