Knex Grenade




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Step 1: Gather the Parts

This may be annoying. It may fall apart ALOT! It just takes practice. I had trouble! I hope you enjoy!
Parts list:
-I yellow rod
-I dark grey oval looking thing
-I orange thing
-8 Yellow connectors
-8 Green Connectors
-2 white connectors
-18 light grey connectors (You can substitute for this piece)
-8 red connectors

Step 2: Make the Pin

This will activate it if pulled

Step 3: Start the Base

Start the base

Step 4: Make the Center Layer

Use the yellow connectors

Step 5: Insert the Pin Into the Bottom

The title says

Step 6: Add the "Explosion"

Dump all the light grey connectors into the body

Step 7: Make the Top Layer

Use the 8 red connectors and the 1 remaining white connector

Step 8: Put All the Layers Together

Now push the top layer onto the middle layer

Step 9: Secure the Pin

Now use the dark grey piece to secure the top of the pin

Step 10: Your Done! Now to Set It Off

Good job! Now remove the top grey piece and then remove the pin. Now just drop for an epic explosion! Have fun!



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    This is two level of evil, first there's the explosion, then you have to try to avoid stepping on all the little pieces!