Knex Grenadeish Thinger Mabob





Introduction: Knex Grenadeish Thinger Mabob

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I really liked myhailo's grenade design but it was much too delicate. I decided to make a new design and then I added a pin. It became stronger and easier to put back together. The only drawback of this design is the fact that it doesn't spread as far when it hits the ground. Be safe, responsible, and have fun building!

Step 1: What You'll Need

These are the parts you will need.

Step 2: The Knex Grenadeish Thinger Mabob's Shell

Follow das pictures.

Step 3: Make the Pin

Follow dar pictures! ARRRR!

Step 4: Loading and Useage

Attach the pin as shown in picture 1.

Load green rods or bb's into the shell as shown in picture 2-3.

Attach the last red rod as shown in picture 4.

Pull the pin and throw.

Have fun and watch the video!



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    this thing can save your life in a knex war because if someone is coming at you with a sword you can just grip the pin in one hand and have the actual grenade on the back of your hand and use it as a parry

    I have a question, why do you guys think it is so bad? I thought that it was good, easy and original. Isn't that worth posting? And it is not a grenade, I never said it was. That shouldn't be a reason to complain.

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    well, the idea is good, but apart from the removable pin, its just like tossing green rods, ecept they are in a hard barrel with a small exit.

    Love the name, at least it doesn't sound as corny as the others such as the c382 grenade or the stienhecker grenade, wait stienheckler sounds cool...

    I know it is not a grenade, that is why it is a, "Grenadeish Thinger Mabob" not a grenade.

    well...i think i can speak for everyone by saying we've all had that experience either way...i'd much rather throw my killerk pistol like a shuriken then to throw this and maybe some green connectors lol

    Sorry, but not a grenade at all. More like some open thing that you throw, considering the video...