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Ever had Trouble catching your furry pet? Here's a easy, no-hassle way of doing so. Its pretty funny too.

Pieces Required:

Dark Grey..22

Other K'nex:
1 Small Wheel
1 Medium Wheel
5 Big blue panels
8 Blue spacers

Other Stuff:
About 15 inches of string
Bait (carrots and celery are recommended).
And of course a guinea pig.

Be sure to check out the video below.

Step 1: The Cage

This is the main body of the trap. It should be easy. Be sure to follow the footnotes.

3 Make this
4 And this
5 Then make this
6 put those other two together like so
7 And put the other part on
8 Make all these
9 And these....
10 And this
11 put those two bits on
12 and those bits on
13 Put 2 blue rods on and the other two parts
14 put that thingy on
15 And this bit.
16 Finished cage

Step 2: The Door

This is slightly more complecated, but im sure you can figure it out.

Make sure that all the reds and greys and lined up properly

1 The door
2 Make all these
3 And all these
4 And make this
5 Now put the first two together like so
6 And the other ones
7 Now put it on the cage
8 Add the spacers here
9 Cage and door put together.

Step 3: Set That Trap!

Just follow the imiges.

1 The string. This should be about 13 and a half inches long from the end of the rod to the knot
2 Close up of the knot. his should be just smaller than the carrot
3 Close up of the knot on the connector
4 The carrot
5 The carrot on the string
6 The string goes over the big wheel.....
7 Then over the small wheel......
8 And through the orange and on to the red rod. Note that the round end to the rod should be in the groove of the red rod.
9 Set trap

Step 4: Finished!

Your done! just set it on the ground and you'll have a caught guinea pig relatively soon!

If you haven't already realized how it works, here's a quick description.

The guinea pig goes in the trap to get the food. Then it will grab it, and try to bring it down to ground level. In doing this, it pulls the string, which in turn pulls the pin out of the way of the door, which then slides down behind the guinea pig. And voila! you have a caught piggy.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable!



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    akkkkk once a porcipine shot me with a spike well i touched it i was 8 dont blame me but my mom took it out lol

    ( I'm SUPER bored) Yep, though you'll need sometime of device that tells you when their caught, so they don't chew their way out. :-P