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Well I decided to at 1:00 in the morning to get my lazy self to finally post this.  I even had to dig out some packaged Knex from my garage to tweak and fix it just so you could be blessed with an even better version than I had before.

Innovative, original, never before seen(except when I showed it 2 years ago), powerful, plastic pumping machine capable of taking down any and all of your enemies.  This is my best, greatest, and probably last Knex gun.  

This is simply put the best blue rod shooting knex gun out there.  Don't even question it.  I even so graciously decided to include the best magazine design for blue rods as well, just for you.  Self contained, internal pusher, pusher locks down at the bottom, expandable design, please try to top that.  The trade off is that they need 3 cut rods.  Boo hoo, stop crying about it and just build them.  If you really can't deal with that, go get your testosterone levels checked.  After that, you can put in a fixed magazine, which solves the problem you just created for yourself.  Also this design makes it incredibly easy to put in a fixed magazine.  So don't cry about it.  The only other possible inconvenience for you would be the last round may not feed correctly.  If you can't handle that like a man either, then go back a few sentences and reread what I already told you.  The trigger on this absolute beast of a gun can't fail, will hold more rubber bands than your sissy self can put on, and pulls easily.  The gun is ugly, yes, but so is the AK-47 and yet that is often hailed as the greatest assault rifle of all time.  The handle is 45 degrees and not the comfiest.  If you don't like it,  you aren't the manliest.  No sights, because if you think that sights will make a knex gun more accurate, you shouldn't be making them in the first place, much less this one.  And don't even think about asking for how far this gun can shoot, because that is up to you.  Can you wrap a really strong pin and pull back lots of bands?  Then this gun will shoot far for you.  Can you not do that?  Then please don't build this gun, or take it apart if you did.  The bolt takes a bit to get used to, but so does driving a car, and most people can do that.  

Now go and build this RIGHT NOW, and build it EXACTLY as you see here.,  Every part is there for a reason.  If you can't build this masterpiece from these pictures, then I guess you can't have it.

Pictures are bad because I'm a bad photographer and did this at 1:00am with one lamp in my room and my screen for light and a Galaxy S2 for a camera.  But this isn't a National Geographic contest now is it, so who really cares.

If you made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back.



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    The Tr18 is a better blue rod shooting gun (in my opinion). It doesn't have the capability to jam, holds 17 rounds (because rods are too close together for an 18th one), so you don't really even need a magazine, and is very sturdy and reliable. Also, it doesn't need any broken parts.

    How does one shoot such a beast?

    I built this and it jams when ever i try to shoot it what can i do to fix that?

    Also this is very nice i just want to get it to fire.

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    How does it jam? Also it looks like they got rid of annotations on the pictures, I had a lot of things explained there with those. Use the orange connector in the last picture as the shot transfer piece and not the yellow connector with a Y-clip. The yellow part turned out to be unreliable.

    I fixed the jamming part but the the pin guide did not work right it did not connect to the firing pin.

    Uh there are several pictures of exactly how the charging handle/pin/pin guide all go togehter and it's very simple...

    That's fine it has been taken apart. Your pump action is pretty cool! did you ever try to do a pump action gun again?

    can u please post a video i'm dying to see this gun working.

    For once, I am online. I do still hang around to see the cool stuff being made. I tried to persuade my cousin to post this gun for you before he got absorbed into A-Levels like me (he made the gun). I believe he still has it, but he has far too many other hobbies and he has gone off knex. This gun was great from what I remember.

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    Thanks man and it's nice to see you still come here! I've become fairly active again, as you can see. But a lot of people have left :/