Knex Gun Collaboration Project

Introduction: Knex Gun Collaboration Project

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A friend challenged me to a one v one knex gun war the only problem was no turret guns allowed so my tormentor wouldn't be allowed. I need a new gun for indoors-backyard warfare

Would anyone be willing to make an ultimate indoor/outdoor knex gun with me?

I came up with some necessary features

- blue rod ammo or yellow rod ammunition
-bolt ( not a bolt action just a bolt-like charging handle)
-30-50ft range
-good mag capacity(10+)
-preloaded mags or built in mag

If you would like to work with me tell me in comments

Pics of a rifle that meets the ammo type, mag size,bolt and,range requirements but needs a good stock and sturdiness

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    5 years ago

    if you want something with a really cool mech that's a Bullpup I'm working on one that I would love help with, IDK how reliable it will be to start but I think it's an idea that would be really cool to implement and really different from absolutely anything else on the site


    5 years ago

    Prehaps this would be better as a forum topic. Unfortunately I think this does not qualify as a Instructable. Nevertheless, good luck with finding a collaborator! :-)