Knex Gun - M93 Raffica




Introduction: Knex Gun - M93 Raffica

About: I'm a guy who likes knex guns and COD MW 2.

Hy all, i'm dutch so my english isn't really good. I hope you like this gun.

This is my first gun i post.

It's a powerfull knex gun that looks like an M93 Raffica.

-good accurary
-range over 40 feet
-good look
-true trigger
-good sight
-it don't use many pieces

-no magazine

It's a small but powerful gun. You can shoot all the rods, if you want to shoot like the real M93 Raffica you have to put 3 white rods in it.

Step 1: Pictures

Here a few pictures of the whole gun.

Step 2: Front Grip and Ram

You make the front grip and ram now.

Step 3: Handle

You're going to make the handle now.

Step 4: Trigger

Make the trigger

Step 5: Body

Make the body and attache the handle on it.

Step 6: Stock

Make the stock.

Step 7: Put It Together and Rubberbands

Put it all together and then you put the rubberbands on it.

Step 8: Done!

This is it, i hope you like it. Don't use more than 2 rubberbands, the gun will break then.



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    uhm, ik weet dat het een zéééér late reactie is, maar wat is de mombo bow? Ik heb die nooit gezien...

    hee ect gaaf gemaakt man en hij lijkt er ook echt op.  heb je hem nagemaakt van modern warfare 2? want dat denk ik wel.

    3 replies

    hij ik ben oook neder lands ik speel black ops po xbox ma kan nie online de stomme kaart voor online

    The barrel is too blocky
    the stock is too big, if you look at the rest of the gun
    otherwise, good