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About: I enjoy archery, knives, and building weapons. I used to build with K'nex.

As some of you may know, I was on vacation for a while and thus wasn't very active on the site. Well, I'm back. I built with k'nex on the trip. A lot. Hours. Mostly on a Oodammo pistol that was five layers and used a tan rod firing pin. that never worked out. So I tossed together a different pistol. I thought of posting it in the forum, but then I thought, oh what the whatever, I'll at least add a little more to a drowning community.

So here it is. On the outside, it looks bland, messy, and ugly. But there is more then that. This is a special gun.

This pistol has two very unique features. First, it has hop up. It shoots orange connectors with green rods snapped into both slots. The hop up is very pronounced, enough that this pistol could be used effectively outdoors. At close range if you aim at someone's chest the bullet might go over their head. There is a picture showing how the hop up works. With two bands, it will shoot magazine fed ammo over 60 feet!

Second, this is the first gun I have seen that is both built as a single shot and also as a mag fed gun, meaning it has a magazine AND a bullet lock. I'm not talking about a gun that has a magazine and you can dump a rod down the barrel and hope that it doesn't fall out. It can function great as a mag gun or single shot. It will shoot Oodammo 70 feet with two bands as long as the Oodammo does not tumble. And because it has Dr. Rictofen's bullet lock, you can load an Oodammo, and then load the mag, or you can use it just as a single shot when the magazine is empty.

This is a reliable and interesting secondary in a outdoor war.

And since some of you like Corgi pictures, I have a whole step devoted to that. There are also Internals.

Step 1: The Internals.

Ask if you have any problems.

Step 2: Pictures of My Dog.

For dog lovers. :)



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    It puts a backspin on the ammo so that it flies somewhat upward, like it was shot at an angle. It's mostly just a novelty.


    3 years ago

    Looks great! The hop up thing is a neat feature too.

    Also, is this forum more lively than this?

    9 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks bro!

    Not really, I put stuff up there sometimes for the people how lurk there. That's where old K'nexer's like TD hang around.

    Lucas The BossVaetheon

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yea, the community's in its last days. I think we need a new website for just knex stuff. Any ideas?

    I've considered building a website in my free time. I'd try offering the ability to import instructions from 'ibles so that we wouldn't "lose" instructions by moving over and could take the most important ones with us. But I didn't know if people would actually make the transition if I did it, so I've been a bit hesitant to start. Still, I need a personal project anyway so I figured it might be fun to do.

    Lucas The BossTheDunkis

    Reply 3 years ago

    A new website would be great! Managing it would be a different story though. There would need to be a system of aproving the creation before it would be released to the web. If we didn't then there would be people posting irrelevant stuff and would corrupt the community (if you've ever been on G+ you know what I'm talking about). I'm sure you could get people to make the transition, I know I would. To transfer the instructions over you would probably need instructables permission and you would need to get permission from the creator of them otherwise it would be plagerizm.

    Made a new forum topic, comment there if you "need" anything before making the transfer.

    I was thinking about a screening process. New instructions would need to be reviewed by trusted members before they'd show up. Otherwise it wouldn't be too hard to have some community moderators for after-the-fact cleanups.

    And actually, I don't need the permission of the authors, they've already given out permission technically. Most people (probably unknowingly) published their instructions under a license that allows us to freely take and -redistribute- (keyword here) without asking. I'll be checking these licenses before importing and give proper credit to the authors. I will probably end up checking with 'ibles web management for permission to "scrape" the website. I'll probably manually operate the tool per instructions and take import requests to start with. Then I'll work on automating it so that trusted users can import instructions on their own if they don't spam the system.

    Knextremely stupidTheDunkis

    Reply 3 years ago

    id be interested in helping out and moderating stuff although I'm not much help with building a website I would gladly help out when needed. The website is a great idea but no way to advertise it at all so it wouldn't be very crowded


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty neat for getting back. The hop up feature is actually something I tried long ago with my TDS2. It was an optional part with a little flip-up part at the end of the barrel, similar to what you're doing. While it's a cool little idea, I just reasoned it's probably more efficient to simply aim the gun upwards yourself. Something you could try instead are adjustable sights to make aiming at an angle easier. Still, just for the sake of doing it, the hop-up is nice.

    Got any plans for your next build? I'd say give a horizontal magazine gun a shot. That'd be interesting.

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. Yeah, hop up is a bit of a novelty. K'nex guns are so inaccurate that you don't really need adjustable sights. And for angle you would need to adjust them every time you move due to how much the ammo drops. The only gun that really benefited from good sights was my Wrecktangle Competitor, that could shoot decently straight.

    Do I ever! I have it built! It is a Slam Fire gun, when the charging handle is pushed forward, there is a striker on it that activates an internal trigger, giving the gun a sick ROF. Why someone like BM or Lucas hasn't built one yet I have no idea.

    I just need to clean it up and post! This will be my only claim to innovation, LOL.

    The only other one I can find is the K2 and I don't have enough pieces, and this works very differently. I didn't even know the K2 was Slam Fire until I searched it as I wrote this comment.