K'nex Gun: Prototype



Hello again, I'm back with this gun. This not a new gun par say but rather a update on a previous one. Basically what I've done is start from stretch because the previous model wasn't going anywhere. The sliding trigger is nothing new with this design but before it didn't have a handle because I couldn't fit one in without messing up the trigger mechanism. With this newer design, I've attached the handle on the upper part of the gun to cope with the trigger. Tell me what you think below, this has the potential to be a very great gun in my opinion. If you would like a video to fully understand the process and how it works (maybe a firing demonstration also) , just ask. Please leave your comments below!



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    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Sorry for the late comment but cool gun bro


    4 years ago

    So I hate to be the ignorant person and not look around but what I the concept here? Does the sliding trigger make it semi auto? Or is it just another pin pull trigger? Does it have room for a magazine? I'd like a video just because I'm confused and equally interested!