Knex Gun: SSAv2

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Using the mechanism of my ssav1, this version is improved, stronger, and more accurate. RANGE: 50-60+ feet LENGTH: 30 inches WEIGHT: 23.5 oz (1.5 lb). This gun is easy to build and doesn't require any broken pieces.

Step 1: Stock and Rear of the Gun

The blue rod in the center of the stock has 2 grey or 6 blue spacers

Step 2: Center Area

In picture 8 2 yellow connectors are added

Step 3: Action

Picture 4 has a a section of orange connectors and yellow connectors spaced apart added. In picture 7 the side is taken out to allow picture 7 to fit in.

Step 4: Grip and Front of Gun

Step 5: Bands and Loading

Pictures 12 and 13 have the white connector hi side the hole of the orange connectors



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    3 years ago

    Please tell me anything that creates issues or improvements that I should do so I can release an updated version.