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Introduction: K'nex Gun: the Judge

About: what's up guys, ben_the_builder here, my profile isn't too important, but im all about building (anything from knex and lego to the real deal and electricals). i love getting my hands covered in grease or en...

What's up guys, Ben_The_Builder here, with a gun i like to call The Judge. I did keep this gun hidden for a few weeks now, but I've decided i want to make something else, so it's gotta go. BUT! i will leave you with a complete step-by-step guide on how to build this gun. Some of the steps you'll find aren't exactly easy to interpret, but there are things you'll find on either Instructables or K'nex Innovations. AAAAAANYHOW.. back to the gun.. this was a little difficult for me to do seeing as i do everything backwards when i make an 'Ible. I pull the gun to pieces but take a photo BEFORE i remove a piece, and a photo of the last piece left for a complete guide, it's a little tricky, but it worked for my Lancer 'Ible and pretty much everything else, so hopefully i haven't lost my touch.

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Step 1: The Breakdown; TR12 Turret Pictures

Okay, this may be a little weird to understand just from pictures, but like I said, you can find the EXACT SAME revolving mag on this site or K'nex Innovations.

1 ) The Underside of the TR12.
2 ) Top side.
3 ) Close_Up of the links.
4 ) Ammunition loaded in, just for reference in regards to what I'd be shooting.
5 ) All the links connected and rolled up.
6 ) Okay, so you don't have to wheels, but you need the tires, I would have used a white snowflake personally, but i didn't have any spares lying around.
7 ) Wrap an elastic band around the yellow prong, now remember to keep the yellow rods at their farthest point! Only 6 ends should come out as thick as the tire is!!
8 ) The opposite end.
9 ) Again, you can use a white snowflake, just make sure there's a tire on it!
10 ) Wrap another elastic band around the ends, just like before, remember there should only be 6 ends extending the width of the tire.

Step 2: Trigger Housing and Revolving MagazineAttachment

Okay, this part was a little tricky.. i had to space out the length of the revolving mag to fit the firing pin PERFECTLY.. so this may look a little off-centered, but trust me, it works.

1 ) Start yourself off by making this.
2 ) Taking note to the placement of the rods.
3 ) These 'Y' connectors can be swapped with the other side to this if you are left handed (for comfort), I'll show you in a little while..
4 ) Okay make this next panel, make sure you have the cut rods in place, and that the tan clip HAS the pi attached to it still.
5 ) see, attached still. This is rather helpful later.
6 ) Attach like so.
7 ) Gather up some more parts for internals and build these (they're laid out in the same fashion they go on).
8 ) Place the parts in like so.
9 ) Another angle of how snug it fits in place.
10 ) See, nice and snug. 
11 ) Close up of the internals.
12 ) The "beginning" of the barrel
13 ) The firing pin entrance, and yes, that light grey connector is meant to be left hanging.
14 ) Replicate the previously made panel, just flip the tan connector over.
15 ) Attach the panel on like so.
16 ) Take these.. 
17 ) and place them here.
18 ) Take these..
19 ) and place them in here.
20 ) The trigger, very simple.
21 ) another angle.
22 ) It should sit in here just nicely.
23 ) Okay, make the top layer for the trigger housing.
24 ) This is the part i was talking about, if you're left handed yo u want TWO 'Y' connectors here, not one (respectively to the other side panel).
25 ) Attach that panel like so.
26 ) Add in this for strength (on either side will do, i'ts not too important).
27 ) Make this part shown, it may look a little flimsy, but i didn't have all the yellow connectors in the world at my disposal.
28 ) Another angle for a slightly better interpretation.
29 ) Again another angle, to help you build the part.
30 ) Attach the part like so, to the housing you just made.
31 ) This will be needed in a few seconds.. better make it now then.
32 ) Folded to show you the end pieces.
33 ) Underside to show you width.
34 ) Okay, add a few spacers.
35 ) Then the turret you made earlier.
36 ) A bit more spacing.
37 ) Now snap this piece on the end and make sure you don't jam the spacers in the gaps while you do so!!
38 ) This should be the end of the revolving magazine and the begging of your barrel.

Now set that aside for a moment and gather up some more pieces.

Step 3: The Barrel and Clip-on Rails

Okay, we all know awesome guns need to have awesome looks.. so i over-sized the barrel for awesomeness.. awesome.

1 ) Make 2 of these panels, be sure to mind gaps between connectors!!
2 ) On ONE of the panels, add in some blue connectors.
3 ) a closer angle.
4 ) The other end.
5 ) The top of the barrel. There is a red connector in there, it doesn't need to be there, i ran out of parts.
6 ) Another angle for building purposes.
7 ) Bottom of the barrel.
8 ) Front end.
9 ) Middle.
10 ) Trigger end.
11 ) Top-down.
12 ) Bottom-up.
13 ) Place the barrel pieces in like so.
14 ) The other end of the barrel.
15 ) Overview of the parts you should have.
16 ) Add on the top layer.
17 ) Attach the barrel to the end of the revolving magazine housing/mount.
18 ) clip on some long rods for the tac-rail (remember you don't have to make it this exact way, if you add in yellow connectors the entire length you can use a red rod instead or even yellow if you like).

Okay, you should now have a barrel, turret, trigger mechanism, and a somewhat flimsy looking Judge revolver.. bare with me.. it'll look a little better, i promise.

Step 4: Trigger Guard, Revolver Housing, and Grip

Almost there.

1 ) Make the trigger guard you see here.
2 ) Another angle.
3 ) Attach the trigger guard to the trigger housing like so.
4 ) The revolver housing.
5 ) The 3 parts needed.
6 ) Another angle for building purposes.
7 ) Attach the front of the housing to the beginning of the barrel..
8 ) and the end of the housing to the trigger guard, like so.
9 ) The grip, it's only 3 pieces wide.
10 ) The front of the grip.
11 ) Close-up of the grip.
12 ) Attach the grip in the body of the gun like so.
13 ) Closer image, take note on that grey connector just sitting on top, and the 'Y' connector in correspondence to the white rod.

What next... firing pin?

Step 5: Finishing Touches.

So now we are going to band up, and add in some extra support.

1 ) Attach the elastic onto the blue rod like so, down and around the trigger in that third "hook".
2 ) Opposite side.
3 ) The shaping band for the top of the grip. 
4 ) The other side (mirrored).
5 ) The firing pin.
6 ) Close-up, the spacers are needed, and recommended you either use just blue spacers, or have them the way i do, trust me.
7 ) Firing pin elastics (x5).
8 ) Around the firing pin.
9 ) Over the top of the gun, nice and snug.
10 ) Okay, the revolver band needs to be looped onto at least one of the yellow rods, then, follow the next few photos to tighten it.
11 ) The elastic band goes through the revolver housing on one side, then over on the other.
12 ) And hooks onto the round stopper at the end.
13 ) The iron sight here can be replaced by a 'Y' connector if you wish.
14 ) The same goes with these two iron sights.
15 ) Like i said, you can simply take the bottom 'Y' connector from here, and place it on the opposite side for left handed people.
16 ) Add in some support, the red connector at the back should be on the opposite side for left handed people.
17 ) More support pieces, this time for the barrel.
18 ) Close up of the barrel beginning.
19 ) Close up of the barrel end.

Step 6: Accessories

The Overkill Mk 2 .... AWWWWWWWWWE YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! *ahem* ... carry on..

Well, that's it for this time, but, you should have plenty of sun playing with the mechanics and toying with power and friction ratios. Have fun with this beast, and as always, any and/or all rights are reserved to the respectful owners of copyrighted components.

Ben_The_Builder, over and out.

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