Knex Gun: Victorious + Internals


Introduction: Knex Gun: Victorious + Internals

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Hello fellow instructables community! Today I'm bringing you my new Knex gun Victorious. This gun is in my opinion my best gun ever. It looks great even though I could not add a banana clip like my drawing. This thing is insanely sturdy being 7 layers thick and weighing 3.5 pounds.

Looks epic IMO
Super sturdy
Internal hop up for long ranges
Very comfy
Cheek rest
50 foot range
Attachment rails on top and bottom of barrel
Long pin pull
6 round mag
Does not have a banana clip like I wanted because of a lack of pieces

So that is it, please tell me what you think!

Step 1: Internals

Here are the internals.

Link to vid-



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    Nice job ;)

    Agreed, I don't think they even look at the gun itself, it could be KKs original gun but just as long as it has clean pics and instructions, it's a automatic feature. I think they should combine looks, innovation, presentation and text together to feature and Judge contest.

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    The managers don't take time to see is this innovative. They don't build KNEX guns so they don't have as good of an idea about KNEX gun innovation.

    What is rigged about it? Thanks for your advice, I'm going to post internals to this because I don't think people understand what's different about this compared to my others, it is crammed full with stuff which separates it from all my other guns.

    I have 100s of metallic blue clips, I bought the 6 foot double Farris wheel a few years ago which had over 800 orange connectors and y clips is the only other ones I would need but I have about 50 of them. I will probably order some white snowflakes in the future though. But I'm definitely exicited, definitely going to build bigger and better guns! Imagine if I do win the Farris wheel I'll be able to have like two of this gun built at one time!

    Hey, I just ordered 400 green rods and 300 yellow connectors off eBay I should be able to build much better guns now.

    Sweet job man. I think the front of the gun looks too big, but if you could use a banana magazine it would look better. Could we have internals for the hop up please?

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    Thanks! Yea I was really hoping I would have enough after the gun was finished, but I am tired of building my guns and leave it a bit sloppy in sone parts so that my mags could be bigger. My main objective for this gun was sturdiness and looks which I believe I hit a home run on both. Yea I'll put up some internals of the hopup but I did change it some because the original setup shot one slot connectors but I changed it to white rods so I had to change the entire set up in the front of the barrel so there is a completely new hopup mech in there.

    You're welcome. I've thought about putting hop up in my guns, but I have never gotten around to it. I like how you kept the receiver very compact.

    Hey corgi, not sure what the word is but would you be interested in working on a gun together?

    Well I had several ideas, we could take myomys full auto mech farther and make it into a whole gun, Jonny be good sent me a mech he wanted me to try but I failed so we could revisit that, I also want to experiment with shell ammo and once again Jonny be good gave me the idea of having a box on the side of the gun to catch the shells for a knex war. Do you have any ideas? I wouldn't be able to start for a few days either, I still need to make a vid for this gun and I always like to mod it as well.

    What was the mech Jonny sent you? Full auto is not something I'm really interested, and I really don't know about shells. I find them frustrating to work with.

    As for my ideas, I would like to try a compact/tactical break action that uses a pin to hold the barrel up, since I don't have many socket joints, a performance/looks based handle fed rifle or SMG.

    Say, have you seen this yet?

    2015-05-05 10.01.15.jpg

    DM me your email or phone number so I can send u the mech, i like the idea of the performance weapon, do you want to try to make a gun that can out preform the trs in a knex war?

    Couldn't you just PM me the mech?

    Well, it is really difficult to out preform a TR in a outdoor war. It has to shoot Oodammo or Fin ammo, and have the reliability of the TR. Now for an indoor war, that is a bit different, since you can get away with normal rods or connectors. If you really want someone to build guns for nothing but performance, I'm not really the person to help with that.

    I'll try DMing them but last time I tried I couldn't, it would be fun to try and make a gun specifically for a indoor gun.

    Ok. If you can't that is fine.

    So, what do you think needs to be in a indoor weapon? Right off I see the need for 45+ foot range, reliability, a pin guide, and possibly a slide or charging handle.

    Pre loaded mags, possibly a charging handle in the side of the barrel like on the ACR on the left side, sorry for being kind of a noob but what is a pin lock? I've seen you say I need them but have be clue what it is, does it keep the pin from being pulled out or something? We should also add mags in the back on the stock for storage. Do you want to go with connector ammo or rod ammo?