Knex Heckler & Koch MP5


Introduction: Knex Heckler & Koch MP5

About: My name is iby, i like COD, rainbow six siege, football (soccer in america), hockey, rounders and of course knex, my birthday is 17th of November. i make things out of knex, mainly guns but some marble mazes...

Hey guys this is my all new knex H&K MP5. It's got some pretty good features like: nice sights, great pin pull and curved mag.
nice sights
comfy handle
great pin pull length
nice range (50-60ft range)
Great mag capacity (20+ green rods)
pre loadable magazine
adjustable stock
realistic size

frequently jams
Hard to de-jam
uses a lot of cut peices


Step 1: The Stock

This step pretty simple. Make sure there is tape on the purple conectors, look at picture 11

Step 2: The Body and Handle

In this step you will be building the main body with internals

Step 3: The Magazine

In this step you will make the curved magazine

Step 4: Externals

This is what keeps the stock in place

CONGRADULATIONS! You have finished the gun =)

SNEAK PEEK my next gun will be a second version of my FN FAL



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    you pull back the firing pin, then push the mag push up to load a round, then when ready pull the trigger

    how do we get this to shoot?