K'nex Halo Falcon Guide

Introduction: K'nex Halo Falcon Guide

This build is based off the Falcon transport from Halo Reach.
Normally the rotors should have 3 blades but trying to do 3 equally separated blades with k'nex which rotate at angles for 45 degrees is very hard so I went with 4 blades instead. I made this to be proportional to bionicle figures but I always seem to underestimate the size of them and make the vehicles a bit small but I don't think i would have gotten away with making this bigger. 

This was a very difficult build for me. I finished it in about 4 months which really only accounts for like 7 full days of work time. I ended up having to extend the whole middle body half way through to make the shape right and I had to do a lot of reinforcement with the wings because of how heavy the rotors are. I personally thought this was my best instructable so far. 

I have a picture that shows me holding it up with one hand at the top which shows how sturdy I was able to make it. I did make the 3 landing pads (1 up front and 2 at the back) but the 2 at the back were bending outwards because I could not combine the design and structure needed to sustain the weight of the falcon. So to fix that and keep the nice look of the pads I just added some extra pieces for support at the back of the ship right to the inside of the landing pads. 

I think one of the issues that people might complain about are the length of the wings which should be longer but getting something so thin and long and then being strong enough to hold the rotors is just about impossible with K'nex.  

piece count:

Green 330    White 264   Blue 216   Yellow 82   Orange 41   Grey 19
Grey 134      Light Grey 39   Red 137   Green 86   Yellow 105   White 35
Orange 58   Purple 240       Blue 84
Foam Launcher 2    Hinge 10                     Socket joint 1, 29       Socket joint 2, 29   Blue Ring 14
Grey Ring 18            Tan Nub 45                 Black Nub 45              Blue Nub 1
Half circle 4              Cone 2                         Mini Triangle 17          Medium Triangle 2
Medi Square 4         Orange bend Rod 2  Purple Bendy Rod 8

Step 1: Part 1, Main Body and Floor

Step 2: Part 2, Tail

Step 3: Part 3, Cockpit

Step 4: Part 4, Wings/top

Step 5: Part 5, Rotors

Step 6: Part 5, Smaller Details

Step 7: Part 7, Top Engines

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    And why is this not featured? a great replica ad just in time for the Halo 4 trailer too, tehe :)