K'nex Halo Falcon




Introduction: K'nex Halo Falcon

The Halo Falcon is the main transport vehicle in Halo Reach.
I am quite proud of this creation, It is about the size i wanted, although heavy it is pretty strong and will not fall apart easily. I can pick it up one handed perfectly fine. The one thing which annoyed me is making rotors with 3 blades doesn't really work with K'nex. That is why each has four blades.
Also if you are wondering, it sits only on the back and front landing pads.

leave a comment if you like it!

A "how to make" will be made soon for the Falcon.
The last pictures are the pictures i used to make this.



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    Thanks, the next project scheduled is a K'nex halo needle rifle from halo reach, but i need to take this apart 1st and take pictures for a "how to" guide then I will be able to get to work with the needle rifle, i wouldn't expect the needle rifle to be done for a month or 2, generally when i have a lot of free time i can get projects done much faster but with school i often don't have much time.