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Recently I was looking for a Halo Mauler, but I couldn't find one.
So I started making one of my own, I think It turned out okay (Still in progress, as it doesn't fire correctly yet.)
Because of some glitch I couldn't post it for about a week, if the pictures or something else isn't showing up please PM me.

!Before you comment on the looks of this gun read this please. It'll save me hundreds of pointless comments. Thank you!

- I know the turret is not big enoug, but i don't have any two-slots or one-slots left for a TR-18 or TR-36(ordering them soon)
- I know the turret is not angeled, like the real one but then it couldn't fire could it?
- I know the part in front of turret restricts the type of ammo, but without it, it would look horibble.
- It's still under progress, I don't have the right firing mech, or the trigger right. HELP WANTED
- It actually is really sturdy except from the front part
- It already looks different now

That's all,

Thanks AUG-5OM3,



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Dit zijn de enige foto's die ik heb. Na mijn tentamenweken zal ik hem proberen te herbouwen.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Ik ben bezig om hem te herbouwen met een 18 schots turret. Ik denk dat hij dit weekend ongeveer klaar is. Ik zal morgen even wat foto's van 'work in progress' maken.