K'nex Halo Scorpion Tank Instructions




Here is the much anticipated guide for the K'nex Scorpion tank I made.
The Tank is made of 5 main pieces:
1 the body
2 cockpit
3 treads
4 turret
5 head

The tank is much simpler than it appears
I would have gotten this up much sooner but instructables was causing me some trouble. 

Step 1: Main Body

the body alone is rather simple.
It is just a frame that the tread sets connect to, the cockpit sits in, and the turrets hook into.

Step 2: Cockpit and Front Turret

The cockpit may be a bit difficult to make as is doesn't sit quite correctly, if you make it right you will understand.
The turret seat is rather simple.

Step 3: Treads

Here I have all four tread sets that attach on to the body.
you will need 8 wheel pieces for each set giving you 32 wheels, that is a lot.

Step 4: Turret

The turret is the piece that swings around to aim the gun and has rotating gear pieces inside and at the bottom.
I would say this will be the hardest part of the tank to make.

Step 5: Head

The head is separate from the turret and uses a few hinge pieces that bend towards the barrel at a few odd angles. Just keep this in mind. 

Step 6: All Together Now

putting all the pieces together.
1st you will put the cockpit, front turret and back turret rest on to the body.
2nd you will attach the four tread sets to the sides.
3rd you will need to take the lever half of the bottom of the turret off you attach the turret.
4th slid the turret into the white circle piece and then attach the gears on the inside.

If you decide to remake my Awesome K'nex Scorpion tank and you have any questions, please ask and I will help you as much as possible.

Step 7: What Is It Made Of?

lets start off by listing the exact number of pieces used.
green rod: 248
white rod: 81
blue rod: 61
yellow rod: 131
orange rod: 46
grey rod: 3
grey connector: 125
light grey connector: 7
red connector: 22
green connector: 41
yellow connector: 35
orange connector: 33
white connector: 15
purple connector: 208
blue connector: 96
hinge connector: 9
ball socket piece 1: 1
ball socket piece 2: 11
orange nub: 1
tan nub: 49
black nub: 9
grey gear: 1
red gear: 8
grey wheel: 28
blue ring: 13
black plate: 2
orange plate: 16 
black chain link: 120

and this comes down to a total of 1487 pieces, man that is a lot.



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