K'nex Hammer Gun




Introduction: K'nex Hammer Gun

You will learn more about me by talking to me for 15 minutes, then you will reading this paragrap...

This is my first instructable/slideshow so don't be too harsh.

I built this little hammer gun after seeing this guys hammer pistol...


...and decided to make my own as I wasn't too fond of it.

It's a 3 layer, true trigger design. I did try to add a grey connector magazine however it didn't quite work. It can potentially fire 3 different types of ammo but I prefer the grey connector - green rod as it is the easiest to load and has very good range and accuracy with two #64 rubber bands doubled up.

Be nice,



I messed up on tagging the photos, sorry.

"EDIT 2"

It is probably really easy to make from the photos



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It's too complicated for most people to do without pictures. Please fix. I want to see the gun very bad

Awesome great for your first instuctable but can you make instructions please or mabye just take apart one side so we can see the mechanism.

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Thanks guys. Means a lot. I have actually be doing k'nex for quite a long time now. I have just been following other guys (and girls) on here and building other peoples stuff, and modding it now and then. Im not the most creative of people which is why its been a while for this to come about.

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All the same, welcome. Its all good. Just a bit of advice, stay away from some of the older people, they are always cranky, and can be a pain when they don't like something you (or any of us) do. XD (I am serious)

He doesn't like people like me and others who've been around for a while because we criticize stuff instead of gushing over how amazing some generic boring overdone gun is.

Ah I see. Well if there wasn't people like you to criticise people, then the standard of things people build with knex is going to go even more downhill, if thats possible...

Go away. You are very argumentative aren't you? Well, I never said that I don't like you, I just find that many of you are rude. Who says we have to have innovative or new stuff? I don't want you to "gush" over stuff that you don't like, I just think that you need to be much kinder when you express your opinions. Do they not teach you courtesy in public school?

Sure. They also teach you how to deal with constructive critism. No one would get any better if everyone was like you and just said how great every gun is. Honestly people around here need to grow a layer of skin. Stop thinking that everything that isn't positive is offensive/rude/mean. It's not.

Sorry, but I doubt that. I don't say that every gun is great, I'm just not as rude as you are when I am not a big fan of something. I love that. "Honestly people around here need to grow a layer of skin..." Just love that. You are rude, and then tell everybody that they need a thicker skin so that you can be more impolite. Just plain silliness.

Older people? Well, I guess there is no specific definition, but there are people here on 'ibels that think that all the guns that are posted NEED to be new / innovative. All of the people that think that tend to have been around since 2008 - 2010.