Knex Hand With Fingers

Introduction: Knex Hand With Fingers

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Well guys i did another design that i think people whould love this knex hand has 4 movable finger sorry about the tumb cause i don't know how to make it move

Step 1:

Step 2: Lever

Make these 4 times

Step 3: Support

Make this 2 times

Step 4:

Put the four levers and the support like this

Step 5: Knocles or Finger Joints

Do this

Step 6: Fingers

Make this 4 times

Step 7:

Put the joints and the fingers together like this

Step 8:

Make this and dont forget the rubber bands and the y clip

Step 9: Tumb

This is the tumb

Step 10:

Make this and dont forger the y clips or you can just use any clip just to lock the connector

Step 11:

Add step 10 and 7 like this

Step 12:

Then add the top one

Step 13:

Do this connect the red connector that is attached to the lever and attach it to the bendable connector that is attached to the joints

Step 14:

Attach the tumb on the white connect like this

Step 15:

Attach all of the step

Step 16:

I also added a plate and you can also type with this

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    how many pecies are thoes