Knex Handle Pump TR8 Review

**I give all credit to all who worked on this gun for the past 2 years, we salute you KI.**

OK, so with a new camera and tripod for Christmas, I needed something to put them (and my awful photography skills) through their paces. 

So I made Ooda's recently posted gun, the Pump handle TR8.

This is my first review, so it won't be the best, well anyway, enough talk, lets cut to the chase...

The Gun
It is based off KillerK's famous weapon, the TR8. The new concept here is the use of the handle as a 'pump' for the firing pin. Unlike pump-actions of the past, this one still packs a mighty punch. The handle allows for the full draw- back length of the original gun. Other modifications are a new stock to incorporate the sliding handle, ratchet mod, and a new handle. 

The Ratchet Mod
The ratchet mod allows easier and quicker loading of the turret. The elastics are attached to the turret itself, but the ratchet locks the shaft into place. The ammo is put into the turret, without the need for winding, then the wheel is turned 2-3 times clockwise, to wind the elastic band. The turret is now set.

The Pump
The main mod to the original gun, this is what sets it apart from the other TRs. The pump makes it a lot easier to pull back the elastics, at a faster pace than the original. This means one thing: ROF. This is quicker than the Zak's ZKAR v3 assault wise. However, the pump means a lack of firing pin guide, so the pin is stopped from bending up via a row of green connectors. 

The Instructions are here. It is quite simple to construct, although the front and the top rail are difficult for someone with less experience. 

As with most guns, it has its problems. If an elastic snaps, it can be hard to put a new one on quickly, as the elastics are covered by the new frame (not too much of a problem). Another is that if you accidentally not put the handle in its rest position properly, the firing pin snaps the two grey clips off the pump. This can be fixed quickly, though. Lastly is the lack of a stock. The small stub is usable, but it is personal preference whether to have one or not. There is a small ammo capacity as well (8 shots).

Overall, an excellent gun, that rivals (if not betters) the TRs. 

Range: ~70FT+ 10/10
ROF: 10/10
Comfort: 7/10
Ease of use: 9/10 (The turret mech might confuse normal TR18 users!)
Reliability: 9/10
Ammo Capacity: 8 6/10
Accuracy: 9/10 (Needs sights!)

Overall: 61/70 Excellent.


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    19 Discussions

    sonic broom

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Please post instructions here i would like to make this but KI is down!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    built looks like ur review convinced me, the gun is epic, great rate of fire, accurate, love the handle pump and new stwist the wheel to turn band.
    Gun is amazing and is not piece consuming, the special half moon connector with the bit stickng off can be swapped for 1 half moon connector and a white full moon connector, as the special one takes up two spaces (four blue washers)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I find that all turret guns are fairly inaccurate, as they don't have barrels to guide the bullet..... I have built this gun before, it truly is amazing, but it has no means of aiming as the bullet just flies freely. But then again, knex guns are for indoor/outdoor close range shooting, so it's not too much of a problem. :)

    1 reply

    They are built for range and rate of fire, not accuracy. Adding a barrel would increase accuracy, but decrease range. KillerK says they are accurate at a maximum of 50ft, due to the aerodynamic instability of rods, thought TRs are desingd to shoot further.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    created a custom stock and scope to mine! also made a new handle

    DJ Radio

    8 years ago on Introduction

    You can put a stock on the Handle pump TR, ooda just prefers not to have one. Also I can fire this off faster than a ZKAR.

    1 reply