Knex Handle/Mag Pistol




This is my 2 year old pistol, which I have been improving ever since. It is a handle mag Pistol, non removable, otherwise the structure becomes flimsy. Its mag holds 6 9mm rounds (green rods). It has a range of 45-50 ft, which is very good for its mechanism, considered one of the least effective by the community. Its sights are very accurate and simple. Its trigger is very light and precise. I built it for indoor use, given the small ammo and compact body. It can be modified in any way, to implement a grip, better rail sights and a ram pin guide. I use rubber tubing, as killerk said in his srv2 : "the ultimate rubber band". The only cons are that it uses about 10 sawed parts, for it to operate. It can be converted to a one shot pistol, if you don't want to cut any parts. Its sturdy and badass, and it beats many pistols out there, much more fun than nerf cuz of power, and also air soft, cuz of the huge recoil mine has.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice pistol! Your range beats out mine so far so don't down talk it to much. I think most people are happy with 40ft of range.