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Your newly remodeled office space looks amazing!Sleek and modern furniture, beautiful plants, and spacious layouts have made your workspace something to be proud of!

Looking around, you feel more and more professional as you take in the gorgeous new scenery!

Hold on a minute-what's THAT?! A blank wall?! What an eyesore! It makes the whole room look bland and boring! Maybe this remodel wasn't so great after all...

Never fear! You can easily fix your problem with your boss's secret stash of K'nex he plays with all day in his office! If you can sneak a few pieces, you can quickly build a unique bulletin board that will make your new office super fun!

All it will take is a few minutes and you can have a beautiful bulletin board that will have your peers glaring with envy!

Go sneak into your boss's office and grab some of those K'nex! You have a board to build!

Step 1: Pieces

To build the K'nex Bulletin Board, you will need:

-42 White connectors
-52 Blue connectors
-4 Yellow connectors
-66 Grey connectors
-6 Red connectors
-248 Green rods
-113 White rods

+Some extra white rods for posting things. You will need one for every item posted.

Step 2: Main Board

Take ten white connectors, and connect them using green rods. Repeat to get four rows.

Also take ten blue connectors, and connect them using green rods. Make sure try are facing the same direction as in the picture! Repeat to get five rows. One row should have the two center connectors facing down as shown. Add two grey connectors to the two downward-facing blue connectors. These will act as supports in the center of the bulletin board.

Arrange all rows as shown. The row with the two supports should be in the middle of the arrangement, as shown. Connect the rows using green rods.

Step 3: Bottom and Side Edges

Take two grey connectors and slide them together as shown. Repeat to get nine pieces total. Connect them using green rods. Repeat to get two rows total.

Also make a row with ten pieces total.

Arrange the rows around the main board (from step two) as shown, and connect them to the board using green rods.

Step 4: Top Edge

Take two grey connectors and slide them together as shown. Repeat to get two pieces, and connect them using a green rod. Make another pair, and add a yellow connector to each as shown. Then, add a white connector and a blue connector to each piece. Make sure the blue connectors are facing the same direction as in the pictures!

Connect the two pieces together with a green rod. Then, add two red connectors and two yellow connectors to the top of the piece.

Add the top edge piece to the rest of the board using green rods. Then, add red connectors to the corners of the board, as shown. Finally, fill in all spaces using white rods. Make sure the white rods are facing the same direction as in the pictures!

Step 5: Adding Posts to the Board

To mount your board on the wall, simply hook the top edge onto nails, screws, or hooks on the wall through the openings in the top pieces.

To add a post to your K'nex Bulletin Board, simply add a white rod in the desired position, and insert it through the paper of your post, as shown. It helps to align the paper before adding the white rod to the board.

Step 6: Complete!

Congratulations! Your super-unique K'nex Bulletin Board is now complete and ready to use! You can now post anything and everything you desire on it!

Your newly remodeled office now has a unique flare to it! Say goodbye to your boring empty wall! Now you have something that's colorful, fun, and easy to use!

Enjoy your new workspace! The K'nex Bulletin Board is sure to make your job much more fun! Just make sure your boss doesn't find out where you got the pieces from!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Woah!! This is so simple, yet ingenious. You've outdone yourself again. I can't wait for more :D :D

    My entries will be coming soon. I have 3 for this year. Keep an eye out :-)

    1 reply

    Hard work for you ible! XD

    You know, K'nex here in Italy were very popular in the '90! Now thery are pretty hard to find... maybe I can find some low offers on ebay italy....


    Hey that would be great if you became one of the esteemed K'nexers of Instructables! There's a contest going on now and I think you'd have a great chance of winning something if you entered! If you do get some K'nex, remember that the contest closes August 11!


    Lol thanks for taking a look man! I had to fill up the board with notes from my other projects and jobs. :P