Knex Heavy Cannon Instructions




Introduction: Knex Heavy Cannon Instructions

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Just posing instructions on my heavy cannon, it uses a lot of pieces sadly but gets ok range with the heavy round and amazing range with finned rounds. So get building!

Step 1: Wheels and Axel

follow pics

Step 2: Stand and Assembly

Follow pics

Step 3: Ammo Loading and Firing



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    15 Discussions

    I am going to get 13 POUNDS!!! of knex in about a week so I will build this soon Awsome Job 4.5*

    1 reply

    okay, until i get my 13 pounds of knex, I'll try make as much as i can and i have about 2 thirds of the barrel done and one wheel. i cant wait for more knex!

    I like how that barrel design is strong, but it makes it difficult to pull back the rubber bands. also, there is no picture that shows the entire cannon.

    1 reply