Knex Heavy Cannon V3 Barrel Strength Upgrade

Introduction: Knex Heavy Cannon V3 Barrel Strength Upgrade

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Check out my Heavy Cannons ammunition strength mod too!

Hi there! Here an 'ible to show you ho to make a Heavy Cannon V3 barrel strength upgrade. I heavily modified my Knex Heavy Cannon V3 barrel and some other things and the cannon is more than 2 times stronger! I actually added a second barrel on top of the normal upper barrel and lower barrel. This way I can extend the barrel over 20 cm (7.8 inch, 0.65 feet), and the most important thing is: The cannon is amazingly two times stronger so will not slap you in the face while loading what happened to me... This thing is just an amazing piece of work done by I_Am_Canadian, and I modified it :-)

-Ultra strong.
-Amazingly powerful, effect and range.

-High part use.
-Difficult to make.

NOTE: you can only use the mod in combination with my modded ammo , or els the red thing at the end of the ammo will break or come loose and also some other problems like that the cannon breaks in half and slaps you in the face, what is annoying and painful. 

You will change the barrel from part to part, until your whole barrel has been changed/modded.

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Step 1: Remove a Part of the Upper Barrel

You are going to change the barrel from part to part, until your whole barrel has been changed/modded.

You will take a 20 cm part (like below) from the original cannon each time, change it, and put it back and do this like 4 times for each barrel until your whole barrel has been modded. (See next steps) 

Pic 1. Get this part from the original v3 cannon. 
Pic 2. Another view.
Pic 3. Another view.
Pic 4. Another view.
Pic 5+6. Click off the two yellow connectors and do the same at the other side.
Pic 7. Get that thing off.
Pic 8. What you should have left.
Pic 9. The removed part.

Well, go to next step!!!

Step 2: Make the Reinforced Upper Barrel

Step 3: Break!

Go and vent yourself on a pair of drums!

Step 4: Repeat Step 2

Well, after this musical intermezzo we can make the next thing.

Repeat step 2, but now at the lower barrel. Ensure that the cyclus remains white-yellow-white-yellow etc.

Step 5: The Connections at Both Sides of the Upper and Lower Barrel.

If you have the upper and lower barrels, you still have to connect them to the bow and the knob/trigger/end thing. Here i will tell you how to do that. Ensure that the 2 barrels are like around 80 cm. 

Pic 1. This is one piece of 20 cm, one piece fits 4 times in the barrel you have now. 4 times 20 cm  is 80, so 4 times that part of the barrel. So you got the 2 barrels of each 80 cm. 
Pic 2. Another view, not connected.
Pic 3. Another view, connected.
Pic 4. The connection at the back of the upper barrel.
Pic 5. Another view.
Pic 6. An overview.
Pic 7. The connection at the back of the lower barrel it's actually the same as the upper.
Pic 8. The connection at the front of the lower barrel. This is pretty hard, so stay focused! 
Pic 9. Another view.
Pic 10. Some other important things.
Pic 11. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you don't do this well, your cannon might slap into your face while reloading.
Pic 12. Front view.
Pic 13. Top view.
Pic 14. Top view.
Pic 15. Top view.
Pic 16. Do the same at the other side.

NOTE: You will have to change some things that i didn't explained, so figure that out.


Step 6: Congratulations! You're Done!

Congratulations! You're done!

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    Very nicely done! And thank you for your kind words :-)

    Also, step 3 is awesome.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey man nice to hear from you! No problem.

    Haha thx it's my dad's (dads' ?) ol' pair of drums :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    It is'nt if you do it well, I have found a much better way... I'll edit the whole thing in 2 weeks because I build it again!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    The newer versions of the Heavy Cannon aim to reduce piece count. This one increases piece count instead?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes it does.

    Lekker boeiend ik heb toch genoeg stukjes (meer dan 13500) en hij wordt 2.5 keer sterker =)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    >>difficut to make -- i lol'd... this is the craziest...