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Introduction: Knex Heavy Cannons Ammunition Strength Mod

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Hey everybody! This is an instructable to show you guys how to make an ammo mod for the Knex Heavy Cannons so you can add more power on your cannon without crushing your ammo!

Maybe you have to make barrel reinforcements when you extend it (to get more power out of it) so your barrel won't break and slap into your face when you are sitting behind it. An Instructable of my heavily modified Heavy Cannon V3 is on my profile, so you can get an idea of how you can make a barrel reinforcement. This mod can be used with all types off ammo that are used in the Heavt Cannons.

Do you like it? Let's start building then!


Step 1: Tape the Back of the Ammo

Pic 1. Get some duct tape.
Pic 2+3. Tape the back.  NOTE (pic 4): Keep the hole where the trigger pin in goes open!

Step 2: Add Strengthening Bars

Pic 1. Get 2 sawed-off rods that are preciesly fitting in the two blue/purple hook-in clips at both sides of the back of the ammo.
Pic 2. Put the two rods in the two blue/purple hook-in clips.
Pic 3. Another view.
Pic 4. The end result!

Step 3:

You're done! Here's your one dollar bill! :D



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    13 Discussions

    yeah it's very, very strong! thanks to the two reinforcing rods the blue/purple hook-in clips at both sides will never bend! not even a millimeter! PS stonger? and wich cannon version did/do you have?

    both!? kool! :P why is the v5 the best? piece-efficient, range, power (i don't think so :P)

    yup, shoots clean throung 5 pieces of carboard!!! i have 6500 pieces so its no problem 4 me

    ah yeah i dont really know how much i have, but i think 6000... cardboard, is that kinda sorta plastic?

    youre welcome :P and i searced google: we call cardboard 'karton' :-)