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This is a modified hidden blade made by Zean on Knex Innovation, so credits go to him. What I did with this modified version though is I made the arm part for it out of Knex not craft foam and duck tape. I just did this to show it off and give people ideas. I must admit though, this is on of the cleanest best functional Knex hidden blade out there. Here's a link to the original instructions if you want to check it out. . How this blade works is, you push the top of the blade back and let go quickly and then the blade extends. You put back in place by pushing it back and locking it. There is a video in the instructions link at the bottom of the page of the instructions.

Also for those who don't know this, this is from the game Assassin's Creed. And I don't think I'll be posting the Knex brace for the hidden blade because it's pretty simple to make and you can probably make from the pics. Although, depending on how big your arm is, you may have to adjust the brace straps to your fitting.

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    3 years ago

    you should build my assassins creed cane sword


    3 years ago

    gonna build this!!

    Haha, sorry man. This post was made a long time ago, and at that time, Knex Innovation was working. The link links you to a page that got deleted at the time, so I can't really help you. But, I made instructions here to an updated version of this, it shows the string mechanism on how it functions and everything. The only difference is that I used a ring instead of my fingers to release the blade. You can just skip over that part if you prefer to release the bald with your fingers. Also, if you don't prefer that version of the hidden blade, someone made this of mine and posted more detailed pictures. Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience, I hope I helped.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    don't ask me any thing about this my post because I just copied and pasted form the real website and it was working just fine!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Alright, first tutorial, so ask if I miss anything.

    First up are the supplies. Not shown here is 2 lengths of nylon string for the pulley. You'll want a good synthetic string so it doesn't fray from use, but still thin and flexible. Its also stronger and has a little stretch to it. I also took the liberty of pre-assembling a couple simple parts.

    You will need to modify Only one piece, An orange connector. You'll need to clip the edge off one matching side from each end of the piece. This will allow better rotation to the wrist area clips. Only cut the tip as not to hinder the snap together ability of the piece.

    Now's where it gets the building. Connect the two "gray rod-45degree" sets together using the modified orange connector.Th clipped side is the same as the round edge of the 45ers. The other parts should snap fairly easily into place. With exception to the two gray singles in the center, hot glue the other pieces to the main gray rods. For the best effect, place the glue in the connectors before attaching. Clean up any excess.

    On to the slider pieces, Gluing into place the two oranges at the tip is very important. It will be used often, so pre-glue the connections and fill the orange ends flush to the gray rod. Slide the unit into its home, securing it to the two gray singles and an orange in between. Secure these joints with glue too.

    The end latch unit. You'll need to glue a post through the center of 2,1,2 connector hook to make it a single sturdy unit. This assemble easily otherwise and is attached to the end of the main unit.

    The end rod: easy.

    The rest of the latch:two grays and a blue. glue the grays, but not the blue yet.

    Adding the springs and the wrist connector. Repeat on the other side. If you don't have springs you can fashion a rubber band over to the ends. Just match the strengths accordingly.

    Lock the latch onto the blue. This will rotate it into proper position to work properly. Space it evenly the glue in place from the outside, keep the center clear for the latch.

    Onto the pulley. Fully extend the "blade" and fasten the string to the red(or green) rod. Run it through and over the orange connectors And tie it snugly to the main body. I prefer just under the wrist, on the modded orange piece. This is the opening pulley.

    The closing pulley. Start with the unit open to prime the string from the gray single end(detachable) through the orange and beneath the blue. Now lock the slide shut, and tie the string snug to the center orange once more.

    For the bracer i used craft foam sheets. measure your arm and shape as desired and mount to the main body using gray rods. Use two gray connectors to lock the brace to the unit at the back on each side. It allows hand to fit through and then lock in at the wrist. This was a custom fit brace, but it could be set to use adjustable straps.

    It can be used without the gray connector tips,but the strings will need to be fine tuned accordingly. Oh yeah,Place a piece of craft foam along the inside body under your forearm for protection. cushioning is nice

    This thing is long gone. Don't revive old topics. And, the link isn't working because the server for KI is down.

    People like me ......:(all i want is just hiw to make this its aweaome........and why would you be mad its a comment and thats good for your account l.......


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Its awesome man! please post how 2 make it. I'm hopeing to put my blade on soon. It has a hidden gun. Tell me if you want it peops!!!!!!!!11111111

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