Knex Humvee

Introduction: Knex Humvee

This is my Knex Humvee. For me there was a lot of trial and error, but I made an easy Instructables for you. It has front suspension, it was geared down for power twice, and it has 3 inches of ground clearance.  If you have any ideas to make it better or an idea for me to make just leave it in the comments. 

Step 1: Knex Humvee Hood

This step will be how to make the front body (hood) .

Step 2: Knex Humvee

This step will be making the roof part of the Humvee.(note: it might look like the green and white connecters will connect but the don't and if you try then you won't be able to have the back hatch open.)

Step 3: Knex Humvee Main Body

This next step is making the body. With the pictures you should have no troubles. You can also add the gears and motor if you haven't already.

Step 4: Front Suspension

The suspension doesn't have to be exactly like mine just similar. I'm sure there are a lot of ideas for suspension on Instructables.

Step 5: Assembly

Now we are going to put it all together. just follow the pictures above.

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    thanks; its also on my truck