Knex I.B.A.R

I.B.A.R stands for Interchangeable Bolt-Action Assault Rifle

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Step 1: Process of Building This.

This Is a knex gun that I got from an nonworking model of a Uzi that I was building so I took it apart and got this. The Knex I.B.A.R this gun is very powerful if you have a lot of rubber-bands on it. the gun is called the I.B.A.R because everything about this gun is interchangeable 1.The sights. I went from Iron sights to rhino sights by clipping it over the Iron sights. 2. I put a handle on it by hooking it over the bolt guide. and finally 3. The piece on the inner magazine if you turn it you can fire any ammo you want out of the gun. You can even change the overall look of the gun because the actual gun is only 3 layers thick so the rest of the gun is just panels over it to give it a cool look. The Rhino sights are not my own design they are made by Carrot187 at instructables here is the link I also Have to give a shot out to Blue Mullet

He is the reason why I tried to make a better gun and succeeded with this also Blue Mullet makes insane guns. To Knex builders out there Keep building and don't give up. Sorry I stopped building for a while school got in the way.

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    3 years ago

    Great job! Add in a pin guide and it'll be a kick@$$ gun!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    There is a pin guide it's built into the stock.