K'nex IMI Galil




Introduction: K'nex IMI Galil

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.
Hey there. 
This gun is a request by Technoassasin. 
It is a model of the IMI Galil, with most standard features I put on my models. This one, however, has a 'safety'. If you put it up, you can't pull the charging handle.
It looks fairly good in my opinion, so I hope you like it.
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    This is one of the Nice Est guns ive ever build great job

    Hey Dr. Richtofen, i'm XxsonicxX and i thought of a EPIC idea! =D
    Well, actually more than obe idea.

    1. Knex Soda can dispenser
    2. Knex pm-63
    3. Knex ump .45
    4. Knex kap-40
    5. Knex colt 1911
    6. Knex Dance Dance Revolution/Pump it up/Stepmania dance pad (just the casing, not the wiring
    7. Knex folding gun (not fmg-9 please)

    Also, you had the same barrel and grip as mine. Mine was too bulky and instead i made your mp-40 and your pistol with a slide just for looks and how boss they were. I havent posted in a while cuz of school. CRAZY NEW CONCEPT COMMING! Summer 2013 and also Fall 2013!!!!1

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    ''I know, I know honey cakes. Ive made more guns that have failed then have worked... XD''
    A while ago, when you had just begun this account, you commented this on one of my instructables

    You mean, give the Galil a try, or build this one? (sorry, I'm just a bit confused)

    Already taken apart mostly. I have the full stock and most of the front (tip of barrel 'til about just behind the front grip) left. I made a requested Glock. But if you want, I can fix it, and post instructions