K'nex IMI Galil




Hey guys, this is my k'nex IMI galil. you'll probably know it from Call of Duty Black Ops. BTW, this gun won't be posted because it's broken up already for a long time. don't forget to comment rate and subscribe .



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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

To post in a conversation from a long time ago, to revive it essentially. Usually it's because a newb doesn't pay attention to the post dates and adds pretty much nothing to the conversation, but we all get an alert to their pointless comment.


8 years ago on Introduction

The AK and Commando have the better recoil control but the FAMAS and AUG have much faster kill times. They all kill in 3 hits but the latter two have a much faster RoF, that of the 4 hit kill SMGs.

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Again, I like the Galil just a little better. Its recoil pulls harder to the right but is overall the same in amount. Plus I get the 5 extra rounds which stacks up nicely with dual mags. And it just looks really smexy in Yukon.

The Enfield is pretty much the only AR not worth using. The Spectre and MPL, maybe the Skorpion rapid fire are the only SMGs worth using when not spamming rapid fire. Treyarch really didn't balance out the guns that greatly in this game.

I agree, Treyarch really didn't balance out the guns. But, what I really hate is all the noobs online use a FAMAS, because, for some reason the gun is like really juiced up in power more than it says on the statistics. I get hit with like three bullets of that gun and I die, no matter where they hit me on the body. But, then again, I'm almost to prestige and I have a lot of good weapons to get them back.

Ha the in game stats are total bull. Never trust them. Treyarch and IW use them just to make it seem like there's variety. All of the ARs kill in three hits except the 2 hit semi autos. The only difference is that some of them do slightly less damage so that you can't get 2 hit kills with headshots. The FAMAS and AUG fire faster though so it doesn't really matter.

I was using the FN FAL once and the statistics said it was really powerful, but then I had to unload a whole magazine if I wanted to kill the other person. To make sure I absolutely kill someone, I just use a crossbow with explosive tip arrows. It's quite funny when I use the crossbow, because I nail the person and then he'll just look at me like, "Oh sh*t! I'm dead!" That's when I see the stupidity show in that situation, because the person will run up to his teammates and explode along with his teammates because of the arrow in him. So, I then kill a lot more people than I should have.

i had that once in stick 'n stones. I got an 4 kill with the crossbow, then the host ragequited, 2 seconds before time, there went my moneys

You do know though that Treyarch made all of the original Call of Duty's and they do a good job with it. Seriously this awesome new video game comes out and all people do is rant on it saying it sucks. Just enjoy the video game and if you don't like it that's your opinion.

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Actually IW made the first and second CoDs. Treyqrch jumped in with the third. I like how treyarch balances everything else but IW does a better job on weapons. If we could throw MW2 weapons into BO, I'll be happy. I'm trusting after seeing their mistakes in MW2 they'll ease up on MW3 with the help of the other developers.

I hope to see that too. I'm buying MW3 for the Wii. Black Ops actually was surprising to me of how good it was for the Wii. So I'm gonna see if I'll have the same Reaction for MW3. Infinity Ward did do a great job on MW1, as it had great game play.

Do we know for sure it's coming to Wii? IW hasn't brought the previous MW games to Wii. It took Treyarch to port CoD4 in the form of MWR to Wii when we didn't get MW2. I have high hopes of getting MW3 though.