Knex Icypole Maker


Introduction: Knex Icypole Maker

Knex Icypole stand can make your very own icypole or, if you are american, POPSICLE!!

Step 1: Collect the Things You'll Need

1 x Freezer!!
1 x snowflake connector
8 x purple 3D connectors
8 x blue 3D connectors
8 x white rods
8 x red 3 slot connectors
8 x yellow rods
8 x black small rods
1 x green rod (for icypole stick)
1 x triangular 40ml medicine cup

Step 2: The Base

This is the base of the stand

Step 3: The Top

This is the top of the stand

Step 4: The Sides

This is the sides of the stand witch holdes the top and the base

Step 5: Construction of Things That You Just Made

connect the things that you just made

Step 6: The Stick and the Icypole Mould

The mould will hold the liquid and the Knex stand will hold the stick in place!!

Step 7: Chose Flavour and Freeze

Choose your favourite drink and pour into the medicine cup. Place the stand over the cup and the green rod through the centre of the snowflake connector.
Put the whole stand into the freezer and freeze!!
When it's set, take stand away and enjoy your custom made icypole!!



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    15 Discussions

    i have made a one that can make 24 icybpoles at once let me know if you want me to put it on

    you can use plastic shot glases from the $2 shop

    Well done, this is awesome ^_^

    It's useful but not the first useful. There are k'nex wii zappers, steering systems for games, all sorts of stuff.

    SWEET! guntry this with the orange aid instructable to make orange aid popsicles :P

    not so sure id like to eat off of my dirty knex peices. maybe ill get a new set and use that instead

    1 reply

    Looks like it works great oh and where do get that type of medicine cup?