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Searching for a good Knex explosive, I decided I wanted something that could explode when it hits something, but only from nose. Also, a grenade launcher to go with it. I worked on that idea and made this version of FlashFire, named so because it kinda goes with my name. I am still working on the launcher, but anyway, lets get on to the stats....

-Slim profile
-Explodes, doesn't shatter
-Medium power, depending on how hard it hits something
-Few pieces
-Very sensitive, hard to make it explode in the direction you want manually
-Not a lot of shrapnel
-Orange connector x 1
-Green connector x 4
-Yellow/gray connector x 4
-Full circle connector x 4
-Silver connector x 2
-Yellow rod x 8
-Green rod x 1
-White rod x 4
-Rubber bands,equal strength x 5
-Spacers x 30's worth

Step 1: Build!

Once you have your pieces,lets start with the central rod that detonates this grenade.

Step 2: Build the Body!

The title says it all...

Step 3: Build the Extension!

Yes, it is necessary.

Step 4: Assembly 1

Follow pics.

Step 5: Assembly 2

Follow pics.

Step 6: Arming FlashFire

Follow Pics.

Step 7: Have Fun!+The Challenge

Could someone out there plz help come up with a grenade launcher for this projectile, otherwise it is hard to aim and such. Btw, here's a pic of the blast. If you recognize your mechanism or anything plz Comment.

Have Fun!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     wow... this is really cool!  Im working on a grenade launcher mod for barrax's acr and i might incorporate this if thats ok with you?

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     cool but i dont think ill be making it as a mod anymore ill just make it its own gun but thanks!