Knex Indiana Jones Whip

this is a simple Indiana Jones Whip (perfect for the new movie) :-)

Step 1: The Pieces

these are the pieces you need to build the whip
18 red connectors
medium size piece of knex chain
2 snowflake connectors
2 gray rods
1 white rod
1 purple 1 way connector

Step 2: The Handle

do this until you use all your red connectors.

Step 3: Lookin Like This

when you are done with the red connectors add a snowflake at the top.

Step 4: Add the Chain

Now put a white rod on the edge of the snowflake.Then put 1 little part of the chain through it.

Step 5: The Final Connector

finally, put your last connector (the purple connector) on top of the white have now made the whip!



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    im workin on a propper whip that bends in every direction and when u use it propperly it makes a massive crack ill add another comment when ive done it and it will have a link 2 mine.