Knex Innovators Contest: Round 2

About: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts. i have a youtube account. its potpieism, yes its a dumb name but its hard to get a name...

Hey guys, this is my entry for round 2 of the Knex Innovators challenge, i hope you like it, and please comment, rate and subscribe!! Pros and Cons in the vid, and music is Internet Connection by M.I.A Flux pavillion remix. Thanks and on to the Video!

P.S There has been major modding on this, I'll be posting pictures soon.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    When the mag is fully loaded, how do you pull the bands back? The ammo would be in the way.

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    Actually, youre wrong, i have a little blocker, its hard to see, but it stops the ammo from going backwards, and since the rubber band runs along the top rail, it pushes down the ammo a little, so it can be loaded without fail, but my problem is, when the it has too much power on the pusher, the ammo slides forward a little.


    Yeh, I'd just make sure that you can fire it repeatedly without worries. I guess I should've added more emphasis on the repeating part, but I was hoping it was assumed that I wanted firing mechanisms that allowed for smooth, easy fire without too much fuss. But yeh, it's looking like a great gun so far. Thanks for being the first entry.

    There has been more mods, ill post updates as soon as possible, im just trying to do it quick because i dont have much time because of football practice.