Knex KN-44

Introduction: Knex KN-44

This is my knex KN-44 from Call of Duty Black Ops 3. In the game, this weapon is a fully automatic assault rifle which is modelled on the famous or infamous ak-47.

Pros and Cons
10 round connector ammo
Sturdy trigger guard and handle
Trigger can hold alot of bands
decent iron sights and front barrel
Shoots 30ft

unfinished stock(due to lack of pieces)
no magazine catch
block trigger

Would be great to hear helpful criticism and what i should build next!



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    Its not bad, youve been getting much better! I learned from criticism so ill see if i can help you. The mag well could use some work, the forstock is a little off, and of course the stock but I understand why you did it like that. If you font have very many pieces, you should do more stuff like pistols and smgs because you can add more detail to them will your piece count. Large ARs and Snipers are hard to pull off with a smaller pieces count so god job with that. I could nit pick small stuff like the rear sights are not correct but just fix somw of the stuff i said and you will have a pretty good rifle.

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    Thanks man! Ive been trying the L-CAR 9 but havmt got very far yet Nd school starts again in two days.

    Me too i like how the rk5 performs but i like the concept of the lcar9 are you on xbox or playstation?

    Great! I think the stock need some work but apart from that its perfect :D this is my favourite gun In that game. Now try recreating a dingo xD. When my ball machine is done I plan to build replicas of lots of call of duty weapons (maybe a couple from each type) :D

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