K'nex Karabiner98K

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This is just my 2nd K'nex gun on the site. And only my first, K'nex slingshot/ratchet gun I've ever made! With my own mech, it's not good, but it works, and if you were to build this, I would really recomend using a completely different one. The main thing about the gun is the look.

The real Karabiner98K/Kar98K, is a German rifle. Based on the Gewehr 98, it's a mauser. It's was an improved version of the 98b, with a shorter overall length, and some different components.

My Kar98K has almost the same barrel length 24" barrel, however the overall length is not the same. But I do not know what it is.

Make sure to check out my K'nex ACE 52 CQB.

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Step 1:

This is the size of the gun against a magazine. It actually makes the gun look smaller than it is, 3.5'. GUESS!

Step 2:

Some more pictures of the gun.

I am really happy with how the stock turned out, it has a gentle curve like the real gun, and it comfortable, however it is very weak. Usually its weakness doesn't matter because it is against your shoulder, and it has never broken when my hand is on the grip.

Step 3:

This is the ammo, I only use the one on the right. And, unfortunately it uses a broken white rod. I use it because it is heavy, which reduces distance and speed, however it is not affected by wind. This weekend was particularly windy, so I decided to make a heavy bullet. It works very well for hitting larger targets, because of its size. But if you miss it blows up!

The ammo on the left is awful, I never use it.

Step 4:


-Realistic to the real gun

-Looks great (IMO)

-When you shoot your Dad, he gets quite angry!

-Comfortable stock

-Grey metal affect


-Extremely piece consuming!

-Bad mech=poor range, (80' with 1 NO.64)

-Doesn't work with the front sight. (not in any picture)

-Stock is weak

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    4 years ago

    lol... that was a given. Dads getting mad when shot with knex. Even though the magazine mad the gun look small think of it this way. A standard piece of paper is 8 1/2 by 11 so almost a foot. So the gun is about three magazines long.
    Nice job by the way. Love it when people can implement new mechanisms and still make the gun look beautiful.

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    yes jonny(good name), slingshot guns are a great way to make replica guns. Although I had trouble with the trigger guard, slingshot guns have such a small mech, you can keep the good looks of a gun. Problems are though that you can not have a mag. And top railings are impossible.

    I have never liked slingshots in the past, but now I do. Not because of this gun though. I just love the power they have!


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Agreed, my favorite slingshot I made was SRV-3. Nothing beats a six foot long slingshot. =D


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah that thing is beast. Because my mech ain't great, I might incorporiate that into my next slingshot gun.

    But for now I'm gonna get to work on a mauser c69. There aren't many on the sight, and staying with the WWll theme


    4 years ago on Introduction

    looks great! Love the stock. Too bad your mech didn't work. Keep at it!