Knex Knife With Sheath

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This is my knex knife. I took NatNoBrains knex knife and sheath and modded it so it looks a lot better and so it is a little stronger.

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Step 1: Parts Count


Dark Grey - 21

Light Grey - 5

Orange - 14

Red - 4

Green - 4

Yellow - 8

White - 2


Green - 4

White - 20

Blue - 12

Grey - 1


Bendy Rod (Grey Length) - 1

Metallic Blue Clips - 2

Tan Clips - 17

Silver Spacer - 5

Blue Spacer - 6

Y Clips - 4

Step 2: The Blade

Pic 1: Snap 13 tan clips on a bendy rod.

Pic 2: Add 10 orange connectors between the tan clips.

Pic 3: Snap 12 grey connectors and 2 metallic blue clips onto a grey rod.

Pic 4: Connect the two parts together and add a light grey connector at the end.

Step 3: The Handle

Pic 1: Snap a white connector on the end of the blade.

Pic 2: Add 6 red rods to the white connector.

Pic 3: Put another white connector on the ends of the red rods.

Pic 4: Slide a silver spacer and two blue spacers onto the end of the grey rod and hold them in with a grey connector.

Pic 5: The finished knife.

Step 4: The Sheath

Pic 1: Make two of these sides of the sheath.

Pic 2: Make these small parts.

Pic 3: Slide the small parts into one side of the sheath.

Pic 4: Slide two blue rods with tan clips at the ends in the middle of the sheath.

Pic 5: Add a few spacers on the blue rod.

Pic 6: Snap two blue rods on the end of the sheath and add a few spacers to it.

Pic 7: Slide the other side of the sheath onto the blue rods.

Pics 8 and 9: Hold the sides of the sheath by snapping a few connectors on the blue rods.

Step 5: You Are Done

You have just made a really cool knex knife.



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Pretty cool knife. You should see my knife and scabbard/sheath. I must say my knife looks cooler. On the contrary, your's looks a lot sturdier, which is something I like to look for.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    Your knife looks a little better and the handle looks a lot more realistic, but yours doesn't look very strong and it looks hard to make.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Aye. I can do different tricks with it, but it constantly breaks in the middle haha...